MS Storage Wins Prestigious NHS Contract

MS Storage, market leaders in the supply of hospital lockers, bench seating and shelving systems, and approved Pasa supplier for the past 8 years has recently been awarded the prestigious NHS Supply Chain contract for a further 3 years.

With over 30 years experience working in partnership with the NHS, MS Storage has played a significant role in meeting the storage needs of the public healthcare sector across a broad range of facilities. Recent successful projects by MS in providing storage systems for medical records at Plymouth and North Bristol NHS Trust have prompted NHS Supply Chain to incorporate shelving for case notes, mobile systems, ward storage, HTM71 and hygienic shelving into the contract.

MS Storage delivers a total storage solution, making them an ideal partner to support the NHS. When it comes to design and specification, MS Storage is proud of its reputation to deliver genuine solutions to storage problems within the NHS. Their MD, Howard Simpkin, told us:

“Our clients really appreciate our design and specification expertise. It’s our ability to create a package that provides solutions to individual requirements that makes what we do so effective.”

Of course, this is only part of the story. Howard added: “With an efficient infrastructure and our vast supplier resources we’re able to offer solutions to most storage problems at extremely competitive prices”.

MS Storage also strives to provide products in keeping with modern day ward requirements, the new ‘Clarity’ range of bedside lockers offered by MS is a new concept designed to provide a secure compartment for patient’s drugs combined with the facility for frequent decontamination whilst maintaining an aesthetic furnished appearance.

MS are able to find the optimal solution for each individual client. Perhaps this, more than anything else, is what appeals to their many customers in both the public and private sectors.

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