Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving (sometimes referred to as roller racking or rolling stack) continues to increase its popularity with businesses who want to improve productivity, security and storage capacity within their work areas. Maximising storage space helps to lower costs elsewhere in the company, while at the same time adding efficiency to the staff workflow.

Our mobile shelving systems provide a range of modular solutions to suit a variety of storage requirements. As space saving experts we make it easier for you to store and organise a wide range of materials, while evolving the landscape of your working environment. From electric mobile shelving, to slide-a-side systems and rotary storage and pirouette units, we find answers to the most difficult of storage issues.

Mobile Shelving

For businesses that require a reliable and cost-effective high density storage solution, mobile shelving provides the perfect answer.

They are also referred to as roller racking systems, with the design intended to increase storage capacity and to create more space in the working environment. Mobile racking is particularly popular with archive companies, as well as museums, libraries, offices and retail companies. Our modular designs can be created to fit in perfectly with any type of workspace at a price you can afford.

From storing important paperwork, valuable items, heavy duty products, or just to improve general office organisation, our mobile shelving systems make your business leaner and more efficient.

High Density Mobile Shelving High Density Mobile Shelving Mobile Longspan Racking Mobile Shelving with Steel End Panels Mobile Longspan Racking

Electric Mobile Shelving

Electric mobile shelving supplied by MS Storage Equipment not only maximises space and increases storage, but it also modernises your business.

Whether you decide to use RFID technology, PIN access, electronic panels or traditional mechanical control, our electric mobile shelving systems make storage easy. They are perfect for use in almost any environment, freeing up extra space on the work floor so you can utilise the area for other important business activities.

For companies that need tighter security of their stored items, electric mobile shelving ensures everything remains locked away from sight until authorised staff use the right codes.

Electric Mobile Shelving

Slide-a-Side Shelving & Hand Driven Systems

Not every business has the luxury of lots of storage space, and those that struggle to find enough room to store critical business items need a long-term and reliable solution.

Our slide-a-side shelving systems are easy to operate and help to increase the space available in the workspace. The flexibility of their design make them perfect for walkways and corridors, without negatively affecting the pathway. Slide-a-side shelving solutions also work well up against the wall, providing ease of access and use at all times.

Slide-a-side systems run on floor tracks and move safely and securely from side to another, increasing storage and improving the professional lives of your employees.

Slide-a-Side Shelving Silde-a-Side Shelving Slide-a-Side Filing Movable Shelving Low Movable Office Shelving

Rotary Storage & Pirouette Units

If space is too restrictive to enjoy the benefits of mobile shelving, then rotary storage and pirouette units offer a fantastic alternative.

These units offer more storage efficiency than standard filing cabinets without taking up any additional space. Storage can be doubled, if not tripled, in some circumstances, instantly changing the way your business organises and arranges important materials. We can design the systems in any desired height and their adaptability allows them to be repositioned quickly whenever required.

The units simply rotate at a 90 degree angle and make for the perfect addition in almost any type of working environment.

Rotary Storage Units Low Rotary Storage

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