Product Design & Manufacture

Not only do we have the experience and capability to design the layout and improve the space planning within your building, but MS Storage Equipment can also design, manufacture and customise your storage systems to meet your exact specifications.

The purpose of any new storage installation is to provide strategic support for the success of the business. Whether it’s a warehouse facility storing thousands of items, a commercial office keeping a log of commercial transactions, or a museum storing valuable and rare objects, in many cases an off-the-shelf solution will not be the answer.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses across the UK by designing custom made storage products from scratch, before manufacturing and installing them into their buildings. No matter how large, small or complex, we have the experience and knowledge required to provide the best storage solution for your items.

Customers who use our product design and manufacture service will also benefit from the customisation options we can provide. We understand that your needs today may not be the same a number of years down the line, which means we can expand your storage capabilities as and when you need.

For example, if you need to increase the depth of a shelving unit we have manufactured, or want to add more height to a locker system designed by our team, we can apply these adaptations to further supplement your business.

A complete design service

For our product design and manufacture service to add real value to your business, we have to assess the following criteria:

What items are being stored?

Depending on the sector, there can be a huge range of items that need to be stored. Our product design team need to understand the characteristics of the items; the dimensions, amount and minimum/maximum weights are just some of the criteria that we will analyse.

Building characteristics

The dimension of the building and its infrastructure play an essential role in the product design stage. Access to the storage is vital, with elements such as floors, windows, columns, lines and boxes having to be taken into account.

Item circulation

Regardless of the environment, items are typically being moved to and from the storage area. Some feature more activity than others. Our team identify the flow of movement to optimise the space and ensure the storage is used effectively and efficiently.

Staff involvement

We get to learn as much about your business as possible, including the number of staff and the skill level of those using the storage space. This helps us understand how they are organised, and other factors, so we can refine the proposed design of your storage system.

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Need a Product Design & Manufacture?

If you are in need of new storage and would like to find out more about our product design and manufacture service, we are always available to discuss your requirements.