NHS & Healthcare Storage Solutions

MS Storage Equipment are an approved supplier of medical storage products to the NHS and have established a number of key relationships with private healthcare providers right across the UK.

As experts in this field, we provide solutions for medical record shelving, Lloyd George patient note storage, staff changing rooms, operating theatre storage, ward furniture and hygienic and sterile services storage.

Our healthcare customers want to focus on the needs of their patients, and we work together to provide storage solutions that make their organisations more efficient and streamlined. We meet all required health and safety standards, while providing high quality storage at a cost-effective price.

Medical Record Shelving

A growing number of public, and private, medical organisations rely on our storage solutions to help keep important data and information in good order.

All of our medical record shelving system are designed to increase efficiency by enabling access to the required information much faster. Because each one is designed to suit the needs of the individual organisation, they also help improve accuracy as records are easier to find. In turn, this increases staff productivity and morale by creating a more organised and clutter-free environment.

We’ve designed, manufactured and installed medical record shelving of all kinds, continuing to supply static and mobile solutions to support the healthcare industry.

Mobile Medical Record Shelving Medical Records Medical Record Shelving

Lloyd George Patient Note Storage

Our Lloyd George patient note storage boxes are specifically designed to provide an efficient storage solution for the long-term storage of patient notes.

They are available with either a heavy duty design, or a budget option, helping health organisations to manage their budgets effectively. These Lloyd George patient note storage boxes can be supplied in any quantity required and at any length needed to match your storage system.

All of our Lloyd George patient note storage boxes meet the recommendations of the Care Quality Commission. This ensures you can keep accurate and secure record of key patient information using a reliable and durable system.

Lloyd George Storage Boxes Lloyd George Trays Lloyd George Patient Note Storage

Staff Changing Rooms

We have been supplying storage solutions to the NHS for years, and this includes designing and installing staff changing rooms.

Medical staff need good facilities and a well-designed space to support their demanding roles. Our staff changing rooms provide the right level of storage space, while ensuring they are given the privacy they expect. All health and safety concerns are also completely addressed, creating a safe, secure and relaxing space for staff before and after work.

From nurse lockers to benches and storage units, we can install the perfect staff changing rooms for hospitals and any other type of medical organisation.

Steel Lockers Shoe Storage Units

Theatre Storage

Demands are constantly high within an operating theatre, where life and death decisions are constantly being made by staff throughout the day.

We ensure hospitals, vets, dentists and a variety of other healthcare providers have the right storage systems in place to support their important work. Medical staff need quick and easy access to critical supplies at a seconds notice, and we can design and install storage units that allow you to focus on the important matter of taking care of the patient.

Our theatre storage systems can be mobile, adjustable or static. They are able to hold virtually any type of medical supply to ensure staff are supported at all times.

HTM71 Racking Mobile HTM71 with Baskets Mobile Wire Shelving Mobile HTM71 Cupboards

Ward Furniture

We manufacture and supply high-quality ward furniture to the NHS and a growing number of private healthcare companies in the UK.

This includes products such as patient lockers, bedside chairs and cabinets, overbed tables and much more. Each one has been designed to meet the needs of today’s hospital and healthcare environment. This includes adding design features to help the management of infection control, reduce pressure sore risks and manual handling, all the while ensuring patients remain comfortable and safe.

Healthcare organisations need ward furniture that can withstand the many stresses and strains that come with life inside hospitals. Thanks to our research and knowledge, we ensure all of our ward furniture always meet these demands.

Secure HTM71 Cupboards Low Cupboards Mobile HTM71 Cupboards

Hygienic & Sterile Services Storage

Our hygienic and sterile services storage ensures all medical supplies and equipment are kept organised and clean for use whenever needed.

We build storage solutions that offer secure dust protection and infection from any other outside bodies. Staff need to know the devices and supplies they use are completely safe, and our hygienic and sterile services storage does just that.

Working with the NHS and medical organisations for over three decades ensures we have the experience needed to supply the right storage solution. Whether you need trolleys, cabinets or shelving, we help keep surgical kits and supplies hygienic and sterile.

Hygienic Nylon Racking Sterile Services Shelving Mobile Wire Shelving

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