Emergency Service Storage

MS Storage Equipment are an established and long-standing supplier to the emergency services in the UK, supporting the police force with innovative and sustainable storage solutions.

We have the experience and capability to design, manufacture and install secure police lockers and kitbags, property evidence and storage, interview media storage, firearms lockers, airwave radio lockers, CS gas storage and firearm and Taser storage.

As trusted and vetted suppliers, we are specialists in this field, and are trusted by police forces across the UK. Police officers deserve storage systems they can rely on to support their ongoing activities, and our solutions never let them down.

Police Lockers & Kitbag Storage

Our police lockers have been specifically designed for use by the police force for kitbag storage and to keep uniforms, equipment and personal belongings secure at all times.

These robust and sturdy steel police lockers are deep enough to store body armour, and arrive with a hanging rail and a reinforced shelf to carry the extra weight. If extra space is required for kitbag storage, we can design a system specifically to accommodate space for them to be stored inside.

There are also a number of additional extras available, such as 3 point locking systems, combination locks, heavy duty steel captive coat hangers and ivorine number plates for doors.

Police Lockers Bespoke Police Lockers Body Armour Lockers Kitbag Storage Police Kitbag Storage

Property & Evidence Storage

Keeping key property and evidence stored is key to the success of many convictions, although it can prove increasingly difficult in small storerooms that have a limited amount of space.

Our evidence storage solutions can be built to meet the required specifications of the storeroom to maximise space and organisation. We help you find the best property and evidence storage solution available, to keep all items accessible and in good condition.

Over time there will be a wide range of items being stored. That will require a strong and reliable property and evidence storage system that supports the good work being done by officers carrying out their investigations.

Secure Mobile Shelving Evidence Storage Racking

Interview Media Storage

The visual and audio equipment used during the interview process must be kept in perfect condition to ensure the recordings of important interviews are of high quality for use at a later stage.

Interview media storage plays a key role in supporting this, ensuring the recordings remain in good condition and are easy to find whenever needed. We can provide audio cassette storage trays, CD/DVD storage trays, or interview media storage on mobile shelving to improve access for officers.

As experienced suppliers to the police force, we are the sole distributor of audio cassette storage to UK police forces across the UK. Police tape librarians regularly turn to us for advice on how to increase their storage capacity, due to our expertise in the area.

Interview Media Storage Mobile Audio Cassette Storage CD/DVD Storage Tray

Firemans Lockers

Firearms need secure storage when the equipment is not in use. As approved firearms lockers suppliers to the UK police force, we can provide tailor-made systems to match any size and dimension.

Our storage solutions provide complete weapon security, with each one designed to meet the concerns and challenges of professionally trained officers. We are able to manufacture custom made firearms lockers for every stage of police work. They continue to serve as a safe and secure location for all officer’s firearms.

Police officers use our firearms lockers across the UK safe in the knowledge their weapons are fully protected and completely safe when not in use.

Firemans Lockers Fire Station Lockers

Airwave Radio Lockers

Airwave radio lockers allow for the safe storage of airwave radios in a compact and secure compartment, allowing for easy retrieval at any time.

Depending on the size and the amount of airwave radio lockers required, we can create custom made systems to suit the space available in the police station. Each compartment is made from steel, and comes complete with strong locking systems that provide total protection of the items stored inside.

These are valuable pieces of equipment that require high security storage systems, and our airwave radio lockers can be found in police stations right across the UK today.

Police Radio Lockers Airwave Radio Lockers Bespoke Police Lockers

CS Gas Storage

We have produced heavy duty lockers specifically designed for CS gas storage for over three decades, helping the police to protect sensitive and valuable equipment.

CS gas canisters must be securely stored when not in use due to the danger they can pose if left unguarded, and we are one of the primary suppliers to the UK police force for this equipment. Whether it is single, or double, CS gas storage units required, our experience ensures we design, manufacture and install the right specifications.

MS Storage Equipment are trusted nationwide by law enforcement agencies to provide secure and safe storage solutions for a range of important items used on a daily basis.

CS Gas Storage CS Gas Lockers CS Gas Storage Lockers

Firearm & Taser Storage

Flexibility is the key to a reliable weapons storage unit, and our firearm and Taser storage solutions provide the adaptability police officers need.

Our high-density storage units can be designed to keep single or multiple weapons, allowing individual police stations to organise their equipment as required. We can create anything from secure firearms racks and cabinets, to small draw units that will keep accessories in their own storage space.

As a trusted supplier to the UK police force we have years of experience in providing storage equipment to agencies nationwide. We understand the need for complete discretion and security, becoming a reliable partner for every type of storage need.

Taser Storage Lockers Weapons Storage Taser Lockers Firearm Storage Secure Gun Cabinets

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