Surveys & Space Planning

The aim for every business is to produce a sustainable profit. That begins with optimising the storage of the products, or essential items required to support the smooth operation of the company. This all starts with maximising the space within your facility, office or any other space frequently used for storage. By making the most of the space available to you, the business becomes more efficient, productive and profitable.

MS Storage Equipment offer a full site survey and space planning service to help you create the ultimate storage environment. Our team of storage consultants can analyse the current available space and storage demands, while taking into account room for expansion, using 2D and 3D computer-generated images to give you a complete picture of how the concept will look once completed.

A complete site survey analysis

We want to understand as much as possible about your business, which will allow us to identify any bottlenecks or key issues that need to be resolved. Once a full site survey has been conducted and discussed in detail with you, we can then put together a CAD drawing based on our findings. As standard, this will incorporate current regulations and any other compliance related factors to ensure there are no further issues down the line.

Since we began providing this service over 30 years ago we have helped thousands of businesses across the UK. Our survey and space panning service provides an analysis study that will allow you to utilise the full extent of your commercial space.

Whether it’s for warehouses, industrial facilities, distribution centres, office storage, museums, hospitals or anything else, we offer advice regarding fire regulations, health and safety requirements and disabled compliance.

Space planning and design

Once we have analysed the site and discussed your requirements, we can put together a comprehensive quote including fixed materials and labour costs to keep in line with your budgets.

When submitting a proposal we include 2D or 3D space plans and designs. This makes it easier for you to visualise how the space will look once the installation has been completed. 3D planning will highlight the storage layout in more detail, along with access and walkways and any stairs or lifts installed in a mezzanine systems. If any changes are required, the designs can be adjusted before any work begins.

Site Surveys 3D Office Space Planing Space Planning

Need a Site Survey or Space Planning?

If you are in need of new storage and would like to find out more about our survey and planning service, we are always available to discuss your requirements.