Project Management

Our project management service is designed to make the implementation of your project run as smoothly as possible. This allows you to remain on budget and deliver the requirements on time while focusing on managing the day-to-day demands of your business.

Our project management team work closely with you from start to finish, providing detailed updates and site visits when required, while offering full technical support to ensure the project is delivered as agreed from the design stage through to completion. Working with your dedicated project manager, your business will have access to the full range of our project management services which include:

Health and Safety

We ensure your new storage system meets all of the required CDM and health and safety regulations in line with UK law. This will include method statements and risk assessments bring conducted for all of the planned work so you always remain compliant.

Timeline Management

A key part of our project management cycle is constantly reviewing and assessing the build plans so it remains on schedule. By implementing this real-time programme control, the budget will not increase and you can plan and organise your business operations in full confidence.

Equipment Management

The management and monitoring of equipment through the installation stage helps to optimise the use of both motorised and non-motorised assets. Effective equipment management will make a major difference to efficiency and productivity to maximise their use during, and after, the project completion.

Quality Assurance

Over the 30 years we have been working with businesses in the UK, we have developed a reputation for the high quality of our work. As an ISO 9001 certified supplier, we continually run quality assurance analysis as an integral part of our project management programme.

Team Management

Our project management experience allows us to seamlessly integrate all relevant trades working on the project. This includes electrical, conveyor, concrete slab and fire protection specialists and many more, keeping everything organised and on schedule to deliver as planned.

Ordering and Purchasing

All of the required materials and labour will be procured, delivered and managed by your dedicated project manager. This will be organised to fit around your regular delivery schedules to avoid any confusions or detrimental effect on the movement of your goods in the facility.

Authority Liaison

To ensure the project remains fully compliant with the latest Buildings Regulations Act, we will liaise with the local authority where required. This may also extend to seeking planning permission, if this also makes up part of the build.

Project Management

Need Project Management?

If you are in need of new storage and would like to find out more about our project management service, we are always available to discuss your requirements.