Changing Room Equipment

Whether you need changing room equipment for industrial, medical, education or recreational facilities, our modular designs can be designed for any environment.

We have a range of steel and timber combined units that feature seating with hooks for clothes handling. Each one is designed to maximise changing room space and seating in existing rooms, or for newly constructed sites. We have experience working with all ages and every industry, providing solutions that modernise and transform changing rooms.

Choose from our changing room equipment below which includes bench seating, peg rails and hanging units and shoe storage. Each one can be adapted to suit changing rooms, locker rooms and cloakrooms, ensuring you get the best possible use out of your units.

Bench Seating

Using only the finest quality materials available, we can design, build and install FSC certified bench slates for use in dry rooms, or laminated benches for wet and humid environments.

All of our bench seating is specifically designed to meet the high standards expected by education authorities, leisure facilities, sports clubs, emergency services and heavy duty industrial spaces. They can be ordered in almost any colour to match existing interior décor and made to suit any age group – from infants through to university students.

Let us know if you require a re-fit or a brand new changing room and our bench seating team will find the perfect fit for your business or organisation.

Changing Room Equipment Bench Seating Bench Seating Units Bench Seating Lockers & Bench Seating

Peg Rails & Hanging Units

Every good changing room isn’t complete without strong, durable and reliable peg rails or hanging units for people to securely position their clothes.

The surrounding environment and level of traffic will dictate the type of peg rail or hanging unit you need installed. Cloakrooms, locker rooms and changing rooms need a hanging system that can stand up to ongoing usage, so people feel confident their clothes will remain in place for as long as they need.

Our peg rails and hanging units are manufactured to the highest standard. With over 30 years experience providing storage solutions for clothing, coats and bags, we’re a supplier you can always depend on.

Bench Seating & Peg Rail Lockers & Bench Seating Peg Rail

Shoe Storage

With so much movement and activity taking place within a changing room, you need to have good shoe storage to keep the floor clear from mess and obstructions.

From medical environments to testing industrial workspaces, we are able to supply shoe storage solutions to keep footwear out of harm’s way. They can be built as standard cage formats, wall mounted systems,  pigeon hole racks, or any other suitable style. It’s all about identifying the space available and maximising it wherever possible, which is an area we excel in.

Whatever type of shoe rack you need, let us help you create a long lasting solution that will make a noticeable difference to your changing room.

Shoe Storage Units Shoe Storage Baskets

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