Mesh Partitioning

Mesh partitioning is a cost-effective way for businesses to increase storage space and to clearly define work areas within their facilities. Our mesh partitioning systems also include storage cages and machine guards, with each one providing improved security and safety as a long term benefit.

We have a broad selection of panel dimensions available which enables our experienced team to design and install custom-made mesh partitioning solutions. From allowing natural light into a restricted space, to supporting sprinkler systems in emergencies, mesh partitioning plays a crucial role in almost every warehouse and industrial complex.

Storage Cages

Our range of modular storage cases are designed for secure use both internally and externally in a variety of environments.

They are designed to support the storage of valuable items so they remain protected from the threat of vandalism or theft. Storage cages are also one of the best ways to ensure hazardous materials are kept safely out of harms way. Whether its operational equipment, oil drums, gas cylinders or anything else, storage cages are the best way to ensure staff are always safe.

We are able to provide storage cages in a variety of sizes and dimensions to suit your business, designing, manufacturing and installing to provide a complete solution.

Storage Cages Secure Mesh Partitioning Bespoke Wire Mesh Lockers

Machine Guards

We ensure all of our machine guards are compliant with the latest Machine Guard Directives, helping you to keep staff and operational equipment safe at all times.

A range of different colours are available with additional panels to help you highlight the danger area, while ensuring the machine remains visible. Each machine guard comes with fixings so the panels can be secured to the posts and easily removed and repositioned as and when needed.

Our machine guards are easy to construct and install, and can be designed to meet the specific requirements of almost any type of facility.

Machine Guards Mesh Partitioning

Mesh Partitioning

We’ve been supplying businesses with mesh partitioning for over 30 years, our modular systems helping businesses to create safe and secure work spaces.

The design, manufacturing and installation of our mesh partitioning meets all of the current safety requirements required by law. These modular systems can be customised to fit the exact dimensions of any work space. This enables companies to create storage and work areas that are completely optimised and fully efficient.

Whatever type of mesh partitioning you need for your business, we have the experience and expertise to help you make the most of your operational space.

Warehouse Mesh Partitioning Security Mesh Mesh Partitioning Secure Mesh Partitioning

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