Workbenches & Workstations

Installing workbenches or workstations into your factory, workshop, laboratory or warehouse is the best way to organise and secure key tools and equipment.

Not only do our workbenches and workstations help to declutter important workspaces, they also improve safety so staff members are less likely to injure themselves on items being left lying around. We build modular solutions that work in a multitude of environments, providing workbenches, workstations and tool cabinets in any type of dimension.

Industrial, medical and commercial businesses rely on our workbench and workstation solutions to solve key storage issues. Find out why we are the leading provider of bespoke systems in the UK today.


All of our workbenches are designed to support ongoing manual work. Each one is created to suit specific tasks to help specialist industries make full use of their workspace.

Workbenches are heavily relied upon by a number of businesses. We understand there is no one size fits all solution to suit everyone. From industrial workbenches, to heavy duty workbenches, we design, manufacture and install each one based on a site visit to assess the needs of the key activities taking place.

There are a range of add-ons available such as accessories, drawers and storage cupboards. You can also include addition plug sockets, lighting solutions and tool racks. We make sure your workbench does all the hard work to make life easier for you.

Workshop Storage Lab Furniture Bespoke Workbenches


From laboratories and industrial workstations, to warehouse and distribution workstations, MS Storage can take care of all your workstation builds and installations.

With each one custom made for every client, we make sure our workstations are user-friendly and safe for staff to use. Modular engineering techniques put the needs of our clients first to support their work processes so they can become more efficient.

We can adapt our workstations to any type of environment, adding on specialist extras that will give you an edge over your competition. Whether it’s a singular unit or a complete refit, we help you overcome your work-related challenges.

Industrial Workbenches Packing Benches Packing Workstations

Tool Cabinets

Depending on the type of industrial sector your business operates in, tool cabinets will play a vital role in day-to-day activities within the company.

Our modular tool cabinets provide the versatility and organisation your staff need. Without the right equipment to hand your team can’t successfully complete their tasks. Our tool cabinets keep equipment secure and accessible and are designed to slot seamlessly into any environment, making full use of the space available.

We make sure our tool cabinets are hard-wearing and durable, so they can always be relied on even in the toughest of workspaces. They are a cost effective solution that will soon become an essential part of your business.

Tool Cabinets Automotive Tool Cabinets Mobile Tool Cabinets

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