Lockers & Personal Storage

From gyms, schools and leisure centres, to industrial facilities and healthcare organisations and everything in between, we supply the complete range of lockers and personal storage.

Not all lockers are the same, and each one has to be built to meet the needs of the industry sector and surrounding environment. That’s why we can supply everything from steel, wire mesh, laminate, wooden, plastic, aluminium, bespoke lockers and replacement locker keys, parts and accessories. We offer flexible pricing options to fit in with any budget, and have a wealth of storage knowledge ready to invest into your business today.

Steel Lockers

Our sturdy and customisable steel lockers are manufactured in the UK and made from quality mild steel.  These robust steel lockers tend to be a popular choice in the catering and healthcare sectors, offering secure storage space which makes them ideal for public use.

They are also suitable for any number of other environments, including commercial businesses, industrial units, schools and much more. Not only do they provide plenty of storage room, they are an extremely cost effective for companies of all sizes.

Each of our steel lockers are available in a variety of colours, sizes and styles available to suit your storage needs, helping you maximise space and to keep personal items safe and secure.

All our Steel Lockers are manufactured in the UK to meet the testing requirements of the British Standard for Clothes Lockers BS 4680: 1996

Steel Lockers Hotdesk Lockers Selfridges Oxford Street Lockers & Bench Seating Probe Mild Steel Lockers

Wire Mesh Lockers

If you are looking for a durable and secure range of lockers for your business, our wire mesh locker range will be just what you are looking for.

Due to the materials used and their construction, wire mesh lockers are stronger than conventional steel lockers. The transparent nature of their design ensures all of the items stored inside are always safe and the clear ventilation helps work clothes to stay fresher for longer.

All of our wire mesh lockers come with doors that feature hasp and staple fittings, improving security and leaving you safe in the knowledge they will stay firmly shut when not in use.

Bespoke Mesh Charging Lockers Wire Mesh Lockers

Laminate Lockers

Laminate lockers can be purchased as either full laminate lockers, or laminate door lockers encased within a steel carcass.

Such is the durability of laminate material, it enables these lockers to perform exceptionally well in demanding environments. Laminate lockers are tough and resistant to dents and scratches, helping to maintain their visual appeal. They tend to be a popular choice for educational environments of all age groups, also meeting the strict budgetary requirements of many schools and colleges.

Whether you want a full laminate locker, or laminate door lockers, we can provide the ultimate storage solution to create more room wherever you want.

Laminate Lockers Consett Academy Laminate Door Lockers Trespa Laminate Lockers

Wooden Lockers

Wood is only of the most durable materials around, which makes them perfect for use in wooden lockers for a variety of purposes.

Not only is wood incredibly tough, but installing timber furniture into your business always adds extra value to the property. Wooden lockers provide a traditional feel and fit easily into any number of business-related environments. We can also provide wooden door lockers which allow you to purchase an affordable alternative if wooden lockers are too expensive.

Each one is available in a range of different wood types to help you find the right finish that will not only solve your storage issues, but blend in seamlessly with the interior design.

Wooden Lockers Wooden Z Lockers Wooden Golf Lockers

Plastic Lockers

Investing in plastic lockers will mean you are buying a storage solution that will not rot or rust, giving you fantastic value for your investment.

This allows plastic lockers to be used both indoors and outdoors, offering the sort of flexibility you deserve. They are easy to maintain and a hygienic option for leisure centres and schools, as there are no sharp edges featured in the design. Plastic lockers also work well in environments that are cold and damp, due to their weather resistant properties.

There are a multitude of colours and styles to choose from, making it easy to find the right one to suit you and your budget.

Plastic Lockers Ultrabox Plastic Lockers Probe Plastic Lockers

Aluminium Lockers

MS Storage Equipment have been supplying aluminium lockers to a host of industries who rely on our storage expertise to support their activities.

Each one can be designed and manufactured to meet the specific details of your business. Aluminium is one of the most reliable and toughest materials available, which makes these lockers the perfect match for industrial settings, or more general environments such as schools, gyms and swimming pool changing rooms.

Aluminium lockers can withstand high levels of humidity and water, and they come in a variety of different colours, so you are never short on options.

ZenBox Aluminium Lockers

Bespoke Lockers

Sometimes, standard-sized lockers will not provide the type of storage solution you require for your business. That’s why we are able to offer bespoke lockers that are built to support your specifications to perfection.

We are not only experts in the design and manufacturing of bespoke lockers. Our team are specialists in space planning, ensuring you get the most out of the room available to you. We only ever use the best materials for our bespoke lockers, providing durability, security and true value for money.

Having supplied a huge range of industries over the years, we have the skill and experience to provide the right bespoke lockers every single time.

Bespoke Mesh Changing Room Units Bespoke Wire Mesh Lockers Bespoke Office Lockers

Replacement Lockers Keys, Parts & Accessories

Not only can we supply any type of locker to work in almost every environment, we also provide replacement locker keys, parts and accessories.

Lockers are often made up of a number of different components. If your lockers were installed some years ago it can become difficult to source the replacement locker keys, parts and accessories you need, as many suppliers tend to only supply complete locker units. We feel it is an important complementary service to provide to our customers, so they know they can always rely on us to help.

Whether you need new keys, nesting bolts, card holders or cam lock components, simply let us know and we’ll supply the right replacement lockers keys, parts and accessories.

Replacement Locker Keys

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