Plan Chests

Whether you are searching for horizontal plan chests, vertical plan chests or large format plan chests, MS Storage Equipment have a complete range to choose from. If you need to store items such as ordinance maps, architecture plans or large sketches and sheets of art paper, then plan chests are exactly what you are looking for.

Each one is built to stand the test of time, ensuring the items being stored are kept in immaculate condition. The draws can be clearly indexed and marked, making the retrieval of the item quick and easy, while the design of the unitss allow you to maximise the space available to you.

Horizontal Plan Chests

Horizontal plan chests are commonly used by art galleries and museums for the storage of large and important documentation.

Depending on the dimensions of the object or item being stored inside, we have a variety of different sizes available. Horizontal plan chests can either be supplied as standalone units, or attached with wall fixtures, depending on how much space you have available in your storage area.

These spacious traditional wooden plan chests can also be purchased in steel, if you require a more robust material to match the storage environment, while also coming in a range of different colours.

Museum Display Cabinets

Vertical Plan Chests

If space in your storage area needs to be fully optimised to provide room for large, flat documents to be stored, then vertical plan chests could be the answer.

Their strong construction seals in the document or item securely in a unit that is strong and robust. In many cases it will enable you to store 100’s of sheets safely, depending on the thickness of each one. They come complete with lockable lids and anti-tilt mechanisms to ensure they remain upright at all times.

Vertical plan chests are the best way to increase storage space without sacrificing too much horizontal room in a compact stockroom.

Plan Hanging Systems

Large Format Plan Chests

If your business or organisation requires something a little bigger, then our large format plan chests will provide exactly what you need.

Our plan chest units are used by a range of museums and art galleries around the UK for the storage of a wide variety of items. They can either be made to order, or delivered and installed as required. There is no shortage of colours and finishes available, making it easy to blend in seamlessly with your interior.

Large format plan chests are also ideal for use in the education sector, or for archiving companies, keeping items dust free and in great condition for as long as you need.

Mobile Plan Chests

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