MOD & Military Storage Solutions

Security is of paramount importance for any storage unit used by the military. MS Storage Equipment are a long-standing supplier to both the MOD and the military, providing robust and durable storage that meets the most stringent criteria.

Our military storage solutions can be utilised by individuals for their clothing, used to securely store equipment, or any type other important paraphernalia. Not only can our units streamline processes but they enable both the MOD and military to maximise even the most limited of storage spaces. Each one is manufactured to the highest standard and can not only be delivered anywhere in the UK, but also installed by our specialist team.

Lockers & Baggage Cages

Metal lockers and baggage cages provide the type of secure and robust storage units ideal for use in MOD departments military teams.

Manufactured using the highest quality steel, they can be constructed to match any type of environment. This means the depth, width and height are tailored to fit the storage needs of the organisation.

The design allows the items to be clearly seen even when the doors have been locked, and they are also able to withstand high levels of humidity and extreme temperatures. Our metal and baggage cages will always be manufactured to meet the specific guidelines required by the MOD and military.

Bespoke Mesh Cupboards Wire Mesh Lockers Living Out Lockers

Single Living Accommodation Furniture

From wardrobes, cupboards, bedside cabinets and anything else to assist those employed by the MOD or military, we can manufacture single living furniture to match.

Each item of furniture has been designed to meet the demands of life in the military. Our years of experience of being a contracted supplier to the MOD ensures we only deliver furniture of the highest possible quality using the most suitable materials for the job.

We are able to supply as many units as required to meet the requirements of the build, with each one guaranteed to stand the test of time to provide long lasting military storage solutions.

Extreme Heavy Duty Cupboard Heavy Duty Fittings Bespoke MOD Cupboard

Drying Racks

Our military drying racks are designed to stand up to the testing demands placed upon army clothing, providing a secure and strong place for garments to dry out.

Whether its jackets, boots, trousers, or any other type of outdoor garment, these military drying racks get the job done. They can also be used in other industries such as search and rescue, or for firefighters who need reliable equipment to dry out their work clothes.

They are available in a range of different colours to suit the interior design and, if required, our team can be made available to install the units.

MOD Drying Rack Modular Drying Room MOD Drying Room

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