Library Storage Solutions

We cater for all types of library environments, from small private libraries right up to large scale public funded projects. Our wide range of library shelving can be adapted to suit any type of storage from books, files and archives to artefacts, audio media or picture racking.  Our experienced team of storage consultants can help create the perfect library storage system and advise on the best type of library shelving to maximise storage space and reduce costs.

Mobile shelving, roller racking and static shelving systems can all be applied to provide efficient library storage – whatever your storage requirement we are sure to have the solution.

Library Shelving

Library shelving should always try and complement the look and feel of the space in which it is being used. Books/records/media etc. should be easily accessible on a shelving system that has been designed to provide a user friendly experience.  The key to any good library is to provide enough shelf storage to meet requirement and create a friendly yet peaceful atmosphere to complement the learning environment.

Simple static bays of shelving can be configured at any height so that the bookcases can easily be accessed by every user. Library shelving can come in various forms and with a range of decorative end panels it can easily be designed to fit into any environment – modern, contemporary or classic.

Steel Library Shelving School Library Shelving Low School Library Shelving Double Skin Shelving Installation

Cantilever Library Shelving

Cantilever library shelving is the classic choice for book storage.  Simple to construct, yet study and elegant it is a great shelving choice to cater for your library storage needs.  Cantilever style shelving allows for future expansion and quick and easy reconfiguration allowing the user to adapt the shelving systems to meet user demands.

Shelving bays can be wall mounted, single or double sided to provide maximum storage in any workspace.  Bays of shelving can be wheel mounted to provide mobile book storage around the library space – ideal for re-stocking and re-locating sections of books.  This sturdy steel shelving is available in a range of colour choices to compliment your décor.

Modern Library Shelving Probe Library Shelving

Library Furniture

Any good library will always pay attention to the type of atmosphere and user interaction it wants to provide and library furniture plays an important yet subtle role in helping create the ideal learning environment.  We offer a wide range of flexible library furniture that provides a modern, attractive look to compliment any type or style of library.

Soft seating and meeting hubs provide social meeting points and functional work spaces – available in a wide range of fabric and colour choices to match the look and feel of the library surroundings.  We also offer a stylish range of desks, tables, storage lockers and bistro furniture suitable for all areas of a modern working library.

Library Furniture

Mobile Library Shelving

Mobile shelving or roller racking as it is sometimes referred to is the ideal choice for high density library or museum storage.  Versatile, sturdy and extremely practical, mobile shelving systems can be used either front of house by library users or as reference archive storage to house large volumes of all types of media by library or museum staff.

The primary function of mobile library shelving is to offer maximum storage within any given footprint.  Bays of shelving are mounted onto mobile tracks which allows the library staff to simply open or close bays of shelving upon demand – this type of shelving system can increase overall storage capacity and provide up to 50% more usable floor space.

Mobile library shelving can be adapted to store all types of media from library books to CD’s, Videos, Journals, Archive Documents – in fact the uses of mobile shelving are exhaustive and our speciality is providing bespoke library storage systems to suit the end users specific requirements.

Museum Library Shelving Mobile Library Shelving Bespoke Library Shelving

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