Local & Central Government

We have been an approved supplier to both local and central government departments for decades, helping them to maximise storage and set-up new working spaces. We understand the need to provide modern solutions that will have a positive impact on staff health and productivity. Not only do we stay within your budget but you get unbeatable products that look great and stand the test of time.

Our offsite record storage solution is used by a large number of government agencies who rely on us as a trustworthy partner able to store important information for long periods of time. Office furniture is always a requirement for both local and central government agencies. Our experience in dealing with office furniture contracts ensures you get exactly what you need every time.

Offsite Record Storage

Maintaining records internally isn’t always possible, especially as you gather more information. However, you still need a reliable and secure system that will allow you to manage and access your records and documentation whenever you need.

Our professional team of offsite record professionals can help local and central government organisations identify the right storage system for your department. Using our secure offsite records facilities the information will be tagged, classified and tracked with RIFD labels.

We can store your offsite records for as long as you need, freeing up internal storage space, and giving you security your key data is in safe hands.

High Density Mobile Shelving Steel Shelving Slide

Office Furniture

Years of experience working with local and central government agencies has ensured we understand the type of office furniture required for these environments.

We can supply anything from tables, chairs, desks and storage to anywhere in the UK. No matter how large or small scale the project, our office furniture specialists can deliver the project on time and on budget.

MS Storage Equipment are a lean manufacturer, which means we reduce waste and resources wherever possible, creating sustainable office furniture at affordable prices. All equipment can be tailor made to suit individual requests and installed securely if needed.

Office Desk

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