Cadburys – Bournville

Locker Rooms

After a long and detailed consultation period, MS Storage was selected to provide Cadbury with staff lockers for their production plant at Bourneville Lane, Birmingham.

Working within a food preparation facility, certain protocols and requirements were required of us to ensure that Cadbury provided safe, secure and appropriate storage to its entire staff. Numerous layouts and designs were discussed in order for us to provide maximum storage capacity within the constraints of a work place that operates under hygienic conditions.

Cadbury required over 2700 storage lockers to be split into Clean and Dirty areas of the production plant. These lockers needed to have a digital multi-user locking facility to accommodate large volumes of shift workers coming from both the ‘clean / production side of the factory and the ‘dirty’ / worn work wear areas of the factory

Services Provided

  • 1,160 – 2 door lockers alongside a range of various other storage lockers
  • Supply over 2700 suited locks to match up in both staff changing areas
  • Provide full numbering system of lockers to allow for continuity of storage throughout factory
  • Full project management with phased deliveries and installation

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