Servicing & Maintenance

The maintenance of any storage system not only protects your investment in the long term, but it ensures the items being stored remain in good condition, along with the safety of the staff using it. Our servicing and maintenance service is available to all our clients, giving them assurance they are working with a professional supplier who always has their best interests at heart.

On site inspections

Along with providing repairs and ongoing maintenance of your storage system, MS Storage Equipment can also provide detailed inspections to ensure you are always complying with current regulations.

From pallet racking, mobile shelving, lockers and anything in between, our team of experienced storage inspectors can visit your premises to review and test the equipment whenever you need. They can quickly identify how well it is operating and how safely it is being used by staff.

As part of this service, our expert team will supply a report that will detail the current status of your storage system. This will highlight areas of concern and instances of damage, along with a quote for any repair work that might be required to fix it.

Proactive storage equipment maintenance

A proactive service can be scheduled to fit in with your routine, identifying issues before they have a chance to escalate. Many of our clients prefer to use this option as it provides the kind of maintenance support their business needs.

This is the most cost effective option for businesses of all sizes, giving you peace of mind that your storage equipment is being maintained by a specialist team. Our storage equipment maintenance service is relied on by some of the largest global brands in the UK, such is the trust they have in our technical knowledge. We understand how costly repairs can become if they are not dealt with quickly and effectively, which is where this service can make all the difference.

Reactive storage equipment repair

For those who prefer a reactive service, our rapid response times will ensure the problem is attended to promptly. We always try to find a long term solution on the first visit, helping to keep down costs and reduce any downtime.

It is inevitable that accidents and breakages will occur with storage systems over time, so it is important you have a reliable storage equipment repair service you can rely on. No matter how much damage has occurred, or where you are based, our team will get to you quickly to resolve the problem.

Servicing & Maintenance Pallet Racking Inspections

Need Servicing & Maintenance?

If your storage equipment is in need of repair or maintenance, and you would like to find out more about our servicing and maintenance service, we are always available to discuss your requirements.