Industrial & Warehouse Storage

Every warehouse and industrial facility requires a strong and durable racking system that can stand up to the demands of a challenging work environment.

This is an area we excel in. Aside from designing, manufacturing and installing warehouse shelving and racking systems, we also provide a range of complementary services. Whether it’s racking inspections, servicing, maintenance and racking repairs, or racking relocation and racking moves, we tailor each one to suit.

Warehouse and industrial companies know they can turn to MS Storage Equipment to provide a full suite of racking-related services, helping to optimise and support the success of their business.

Racking Inspections

As nationwide racking inspection specialists, our team of skilled and experienced professionals can visit your warehouse or industrial facility to ensure it meets current regulations.

Whether you need a 6 month or annual racking inspection, we run the necessary checks to verify the storage equipment is secure for staff to use and meets health and safety standards. All of our work conforms to SEMA regulations, giving you complete assurance in our service.

Our racking inspections assess damages, report on any work required for repairs and provide a competitive estimate to complete the work. We work with all major storage suppliers and can supply replacement equipment as and where required.

Racking Inspection

Servicing, Maintenance & Racking Repairs

Alongside our racking inspection service, we also provide servicing, maintenance and racking repairs. These can be either proactive or reactive, depending on the needs of your business.

A proactive service is the most popular and cost effective choice. It allows you to put together a servicing and maintenance schedule to protect your equipment. Our expert maintenance team can identify fork truck damage, or any other kind, along with missing accessories, providing the replacements immediately onsite.

Our reactive service offers racking repairs in response to unexpected accidents and damage. We respond quickly and aim to resolve the issue in one visit wherever possible.

Warehouse Racking Survey

Racking Relocation & Racking Moves

Moving to a new warehouse or industrial facility can be extremely stressful. Our relocation team take the strain for you to make racking moves a smooth and hassle-free process.

We’ve been helping businesses with industrial shelving and racking relocation projects for over 40 years. Our relocation team are able to disassemble your racking equipment, transport and deliver it safely to the new industrial or warehouse storage site, and reassemble and install the system perfectly.

Due to our experience in forward planning and organisation, we turn a complicated job into an easy and straightforward experience.  Whether it’s a pallet racking move or a storage service of any other kind, we have the know how to help you.

Racking Relocation

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