Not only do we understand how to maximise space with mobile and static storage solutions, we also have years of experience designing and manufacturing storage trolleys. From office trolleys to laptop trolleys and industrial trolleys, all of our material handling equipment is built to the highest professional standard, taking the strain so you don’t have to.

While we supply a wide range of trolleys that are adaptable to a variety of work activities, we also provide bespoke trolleys for specialist environments. We work with you to analyse your storage needs, before providing a long-lasting solution that helps to improve the productivity of your work processes.

Office Trolleys

Customers can use our office trolleys for the movement of files, documents, mail and other lightweight office supplies around the working environment.

They are designed to hold a wide range of materials and are agile and responsive enough to move quickly and efficiently. Our office trolleys come with standard wheel clamps so they can remain in firmly place when left unattended on uneven surfaces. They are easy to load packages and items onto, while providing open access of the materials being stored.

These office trolleys are ideal for long term use and are easy to maintain, requiring a simple wipe down to keep them in excellent condition.

Mesh Mailroom Trolley Mailroom Trolley Economy Multi-Purpose Trolleys

Bespoke Trolleys

Different industries and workplaces have a range of varying demands, which means those that need bespoke trolleys require a custom made solution.

With the implementation of new work practices or methods, businesses that require daily handling of materials look towards our bespoke trolleys for a long term answer. With over 30 years of in-house design experience, our team are experts are developing new ideas and working with customers to solve key storage and product movement issues.

We know from experience that companies require bespoke trolleys made from the very best materials, and we ensure all of our products meet current legislation and manufacturing standards.

Bespoke Medical Records Trolley HTM71 Trolley Bespoke Art Trolley

Laptop Trolleys

Laptop trolleys make it easy and convenient to store and transport an office full of laptops in a secure and stable unit.

They also perfect for use in education environments, with some designs featuring charging facilities that enable the laptops to be prepared ready for use when they are taken back out. Options include two-wheel carry cases that are pulled with a pop-up handle, or a sturdy four-wheel unit that can be pushed along with ease.

Each unit features shock absorbing bumpers to protect the equipment secured inside. For organisations that need to be mobile, agile and responsive in their industry, laptop trolleys provide the perfect solution.

Economy Laptop Trolleys Lapcabby Trolley Laptop Travel Trolley Lapcabby Laptop Trolley

Industrial Trolleys

The importance of industrial trolleys can sometimes be taken for granted, but their design and manufacture is something we believe should be taken seriously.

In any busy warehouse or industrial environment there is a constant need to move items from one area to another. Our industrial trolleys are designed to support work staff and businesses to facilitate efficient workflows so items can be moved safely and productively. No matter how large the shape, fragility or weight you need to carry, we have a solution to help.

Our industrial trolleys are designed for use both indoors and outdoors, offering the adaptability modern businesses need from their work equipment today.

Plywood Sided Trolley Mesh Sided Trolley Box Trolleys Shelf Trolleys Platform Trolleys

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