Steel Shelving Systems

Every business requires a professional storage system that makes the organisation of their goods or other items easy to manage. Our steel shelving products solve a multitude of storage problems for companies operating in almost every type of industry in the UK. From offices and archives, to industrial complexes and warehouse spaces, steel shelving can support heavy loads without costing a fortune to invest in.

We supply everything from single skin shelving, double skin shelving, boltless shelving, cantilever shelving, industrial angle shelving, wire shelving and galvanised shelving. Each one is designed to help you maximise storage in your business, improving efficiency and productivity in the process.

Single Skin Shelving

Single skin shelving provides an extremely versatile and competitively priced system that can fit into almost any type of work environment.

The simple and straightforward nature of its multi-functional design makes it easy to install into most light industrial and commercial spaces. This is one of the main reasons why it continues to be such a popular choice with customers, who find a wide range of uses for single skin shelving in their businesses.

They come with a range of accessories and the shelves can be adjusted to suit the applications they are being used for. This makes single skin shelving one of the most adaptable storage solutions on the market today.

Mobile Shelving Archive

Double Skin Shelving

Double skin shelving can either be used as standalone units, or installed to complement existing single skin shelving systems.

The double walled construction comes with adjustable shelves to provide strength, versatility and style. The fixings in a double skin shelving system are concealed to present a clean front line to help with the organisation of the contents on the shelving. Many customers use them for outward facing objects, making them ideal for office environments and archives.

The great thing about double skin shelving is the units can be expanded as and when you need, growing in the tandem with the success of your business.

Double Skin Shelving Double Skin Shelving Installation Double Skin Shelving with Perforated Side Panel

Boltless Shelving

Boltless shelving is idea for storing industrial applications due to its sturdiness and ability to bear heavier loads on the system.

Sometimes referred to as particle board shelving, or rivet shelving, boltless shelving is also utilised in garages, workshops, storerooms and stockrooms. It can also be adapted to use in commercial environments where a heavier load capacity may by be required. The simplicity of its design doesn’t detract from its reliability or cost-effectiveness at solving challenging storage problems.

There are a number of different varieties of boltless shelving available, and our team can help identify the right one to suit your business.

Boltless Shelving

Cantilever Shelving

Cantilever shelving is a more lightweight version of cantilever racking systems, although they provide similar storage capabilities for long-form objects and items.

The units can be reconfigured to store a large collection of units, which is why they often find use in public, legal and academic libraries. Cantilever shelving also works well in general office spaces, where mobile and stationary applications can be installed. It provides ease of access to the items being stored and are extremely easy to install.

We are able to provide a selection of cantilever shelving units to match any sort of environment, ensuring you have a practical and secure method of organising your products.

Cantilever Shelving

Industrial Angle Shelving

Manufactured in accordance with British Standard Steel Shelving’s BS:826:1955, our industrial angle shelving units combine strength, flexibility and affordability.

These shelving systems are compatible with any similar, third party, BSS units that may already be in place within your business. We are able to design and install industrial angle shelving units of any size to suit the needs of the applications being used on them.

Uprights for industrial angle shelving are available in two strengths, and the heavy duty shelves make them the perfect fit for industrial spaces and the storage of bulky and weighty items.

Wire Shelving

Installing wire shelving is a reliable and aesthetically pleasing option that also provides ease of access for all the items being stored.

Goods are available from any side of wire shelving, which helps maintain efficiency and throughput in warehouses and distribution centres. They are also commonly used in cold room storage facilities as they encourage the circulation of air in the room, helping to keep perishable items in good condition before and after shipping.

Wire shelving is also extremely low maintenance and can be either standalone, wall mounted or fitted with tilt shelves, adapting to the needs of the business.

Galvanised Shelving

Our galvanised shelving range provides strong and sturdy storage for all types of heavy duty items all at a price you can afford.

You can also opt for open-back galvanised shelving to improve access for both employees and customers, if they are being installed in a retail space. Their modular construction allows you to easily add additional shelving to expand whenever you need. Galvanised shelving is easy to construct and can be in place ready to use in no time at all.

Galvanised shelving is a cost-effective option for companies operating in a variety of industries. Their high capacity loads and simple design making them a popular choice for businesses across the UK.

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