Cupboards & Cabinets

Cupboards can be manufactured in all kinds of shapes and sizes, depending on the environment you work in.

Commercial offices typically require wooden cabinets for important files and stationery, while general purpose steel cupboards can find use in a number of different sectors. Industrial and workshop cupboards need to be tough enough to store items in a testing environment. Hazardous cupboards must meet legal guidelines to ensure the safety of staff working nearby.

We also provide bespoke cupboards for customers who want them tailored exactly to their business needs. Over 40 years’ experience supplying cupboards to companies in the UK ensures clients return to us time and again to deliver long-term storage solutions.

General Purpose Steel Cupboards

Due to their strong construction, our general purpose steel cupboards provide the ideal storage solution for a range of work environments.

These steel cupboards can be used in workplaces or environments where any number of items or objects are being stored. They easily fit in with both commercial offices and industrial premises, depending on what they are being used for. Every general purpose steel cupboard can be designed to meet the requirements of the business, ensuring you get maximum value for your investment.

Our general purpose steel cabinets are made from high grade steel so they will last for years, protecting everything inside safely and securely.

Steel Cupboards Office Cupboards

Industrial & Workshop Cupboards

A tough and challenging environment requires reliable storage units that won’t let you down. Our range of industrial and workshop cupboards are built to stand up to the most demanding workplaces.

Whether it’s important equipment and tools, or any other sensitive item or object, we can create an industrial or workshop cupboard to meet your requirements. We design everything with safety and security in mind, making sure we fully understand the type of environment they will be used in.

They are made from tough and versatile materials that also optimise storage space in the room. From warehouses to factories and other industrial settings, our workshop cabinets meet the testing standards of your business.

Industrial Cupboards Tool Cabinets

Wooden Cupboards

Every office requires stylish and durable wooden cupboards that enable staff to store a variety of business related material throughout the working day.

It is important to keep the office tidy wherever possible, and our wooden cupboards allow you to do just that. Our wooden cupboard range also ensure ease of access to the items stored inside, providing clear areas of organisation so relevant material can be located to support efficiency of staff at all times.

Our custom made wooden cupboards allow businesses of all sizes to make the most of their office space. Let us know the style and type of wooden cupboard you need and our team of experts will do the rest for you.

Secure HTM71 Cupboards Extreme Heavy Duty Cupboard Bespoke Office Lockers

Bespoke Cupboards

At MS Storage we understand that every space is different, which means the requirements of our clients are just as unique.

We work closely with our customers which allows us to understand the needs of their business. We create bespoke cupboards that are tailored to their company, ensuring they get exactly what they have paid for. Whether it’s for an expansion of their storage space, or bespoke cupboards for a new work environment, our storage consultations are never short on creative solutions.

From bespoke office cupboards, to bespoke mobile cupboards, we always strike the right balance between providing quality at a price you can afford.

Under Counter Cupbaords Bespoke Mesh Cupboards Mesh Cupboards Bespoke Storage Wall

Hazardous Cupboards

For businesses that work in industries reliant on chemicals and sensitive liquids, having hazardous cupboards installed is an absolute must.

The control of hazardous substances must meet strict legal guidelines to ensure the safety of staff at all times. Our range of hazardous cupboards comply with COSHH guidance guaranteeing any dangerous chemicals and liquids are safely secured. From fixed units to mobile storage systems, each one can be manufactured in different sizes with the appropriate signage if required.

Knowing dangerous elements are fully protected in your business removes stress for staff and senior management. Whatever type of hazardous material you need a cupboard for, we’ll work together to keep the company fully compliant.

Hazardous Cupboards Acid Cupboards PPE Cupboards

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