Royal Derby NHS

Replacement of Ward Storage areas throughout the main Hospital

Royal Derby Hospital introduced a programme to update and improve the ward storage areas located within the main Hospital. MS Storage were consulted as an approved NHS Supply Chain supplier to work with the Hospital to provide design solutions for each of the 22 ward storage areas spread over 4 floors of the main Hospital for consideration. MS Storage firstly detailed the existing storage in each location, discussed problems with the existing stock methods and systems to try and design the new system to eradicate these issues.

The solution was to design in an HTM71 Stock Control System together with static open shelving. The designs were thoroughly discussed with end users prior to installation to ensure the staff had been fully briefed on the new storage system and how it worked prior to installation within the Hospital. The new system, greatly improved stock rotation (use by dates), stock was easy to locate, kept neat and tidy and therefore greatly improved ward efficiency by reducing the time spent by staff retrieving stock items.

The final logistics problem to solve was how to install the new system whilst the Wards were fully operational. Working closely with the Estates team, Purchasing and the Ward Housekeepers all 22 areas were installed with the new system under an agreed scheduled programme of works.
Spread over 4 floors and 4 weeks the project was completed without a single issue and without a single patient’s treatment being disrupted which was the main focus of attention.

Services Provided

  • Full bespoke design & manufacture
  • CAD drawings with full room layouts
  • Dedicated installation time & date
HTM71 Ward Storage Secure Stock Storage

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