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MS Storage were asked to design a storage solution within a basement area with restricted height and other issues together with very severe access problems in order to help facilitate an off ice move for the company of over 300 staff whose items needed to be contained securely within the new basement archive whilst the move took place.

From initial call to completion the project took only 3 weeks to complete. MS Storage designed and installed a high density mobile shelving system within the basement location taking into account several design issues around low ceilings, radiators, air conditioning ducting and very uneven concrete floor. The project was completed to the great satisfaction of the client who was delighted with the finished storage solution and enabled the move of 300 staff to take place on time.

An additional benefit our modular systems provides to our clients we later retro fitted steel lockable doors at the end users request, to individual storage bays to allow complete security to sensitive materials held within the storage system whilst still allowing staff access to non-sensitive material contained within the same storage system.

Services Provided

  • High Density Mobile Storage system
  • A doubling of storage capacity within the floor space
  • Grouted track levelled precisely to negate the issues of uneven floor level
  • Lockable system
  • Steel Doors to provide security for sensitive material
  • Timed delivery and installation
  • Complete Design Consultation and Project Management throughout
Mobile Shelving - Manchester Growth Mobile Shelving - Manchester Growth Mobile Shelving - Manchester Growth Mobile Shelving - Manchester Growth Mobile Shelving - Manchester Growth

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