Although we have over 200 years of combined industry knowledge we still occasionally hear terms that we’ve never heard. This glossary is designed to help understanding of some of the terms used within our website. If you’re still unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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Active Coat
An effective anti-bacterial powder coating. Active Coat has been tested by an internationally recognised microbiological testing laboratory for antibacterial performance against the most widely encountered and problematic organisms including the MRSA Super bug and E.coli. These micro-organisms suffered a 99.9% reduction in population. Active Coat is available on all our Probe Storage products.
Anti Ligature Furniture
Furniture designed to eliminate the risk of self or accidental harm by use or ropes / chords / bed sheets etc. being attached to a fixed point - preventing a ligature from staying secure.
Archive Shelving
Archive – a collection of records. Archive shelving systems are installed in specific locations for record storage and retrieval eg. Patient records within a hospital
Made for a particular use or client. A product of unique design specifically to meet client requirements
BS4680:1996 is the recognised standard for the specification for clothes lockers
BS5454 - BSI 5454: 2000
BS5454 - BSI 5454: 2000: is a recommendation for the storage and exhibition of archival documents and is a guide line for archivists, specifying the ideal conditions to be considered when assessing the environment for archive storage / archive shelving systems
Cam Lock
Cam Locks are style of key operated lock fitted to a locker or cupboard. Cam Locks are usually provided with 2 keys and most are available with a master key override.
Cantilever Bench Seating
A style of bench frame that is wall hung, without the need for floor fixing
Cantilever Shelving
Wall mounted shelving without the need for floor fixing
The term Carcass is used to describe the frame or main body of a locker.
Category A Fit Out
Category fit out definitions can vary but Category A generally refers to works that follow on from the basic core of the building shell. This can include electrics, plumbing, wall finishes, raised access floors etc. The building is deemed habitable but requires further works to make it a functioning workspace.
Category B Fit Out
Category B fit outs follow on from Category A fit outs and include things like fitted kitchens / IT cabling / cabinets / partitions / doors / furniture etc.
Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS)
Clothes Lockers
Clothes lockers are available in various configurations. Traditionally supplied as either single tier, two tier, uniform, twin or 2 person lockers - all of which provide enough hanging space for clothes
Coin Retain Locks
Once a coin is inserted into the locking system, the lock can be locked and the key can be removed. When the user returns to the locker and opens the door with the key, the coin is retained in an enclosed chamber
Coin Return Locks
Once a coin is inserted into the locking system, the lock can be locked and the key can be removed. When the user returns to the locker and opens the door with the key, the coin passes through the lock into the coin return tray for the user to collect
Combination Lock
A simple 3 digit code that opens the lock, no user key required. A master override key can be sold separately
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the use of computer technology for the design of objects and layouts. We have many yeary experience designing layouts including changing rooms and medical record archives.
CSSU -Central Sterile Services Units
Central Sterile Services Units (CSSU) is a departments usually located within a hospital or medical facility. We have worked with CSSU departments throughout the UK providing products such as Stainless Steel Shelving and HTM71 Storage Units
Digital Combination Lock
Easy to use, this lock has a minimum of 10,000 combinations. Battery operated with an override facility the digital combination lock is an ideal choice for larger locker installations.
Disability Lockers
Disability Lockers are low level lockers with full width hanging shelf. Our Disability Locker complies with the DDA Disability Discrimination Act.
Double Sided Island Unit
Steel framed cloakroom unit providing timber bench seating to each side with a central peg rail or shelf that provides garment hanging to both sides - commonly used in changing rooms
Express Lockers
Express lockers - when lockers are needed in a hurry. Express lockers come from our in-stock range and are available in single, two tier, four tier or six tier options
European Materials Handling Federation
Filing Tray
A pull out filing tray in a bay of shelving
Garment Collector Locker
Garments are posted through the slot in the locker door for collection by a laundry service. Garment Collectors are lockers from our standard range
Garment Dispenser Locker
A single service door provides access to multiple inner compartments. Providing individual storage for clean garments and the ability to re-stock each compartment via the service door
Hasp & Staple Lock
Lock option for locker and cupboard doors that requires the use of a padlock
Hazardous Cabinets
For the safe storage of caustic and hazardous items.
Hot Desk Lockers
A locker allocated to a user as and when required rather than a locker belonging to a specific person all the time
To assistant procurement teams in making the right choice for ward storage, the Health Technical Memorandum 71 (HTM71) was published by NHS Estates offering guidance on Materials Management Modular Storage within the Healthcare Industry
HTM71 Trays
HTM71 storage cabinets are designed to take HTM71 storage trays. These polycarbonate trays can be easily sub-divided and clearly labeled for the safe storage of stock. Available in different styles, colour and sizes to suit requirement
Industrial Angle
A basic style of British Standard shelving offering a range of options and accessories to build a simple, cost effective storage system. A bolt together shelving system available as standard or heavy duty
Janitor Cupboard
Janitors Cupboards offer versatile storage for full height mops / brushes etc as well as shelved compartments for product storage
Laminate Locker
Laminate Lockers are constructed using Trespa non-porous laminate panels – resistant to heat, moisture and most inks/materials the Laminate locker is ideal for demanding environments
Laptop Lockers
Multi-compartment locker ideal for the storage of laptops and accessories. A popular locker choice in the education and business sector for the safe storage of personal laptops and small belongings
Lloyd George Storage
Lloyd George Storage is a filing system used by GP's surgeries throughout the UK. We have many years experience in providing solutions for the storage of these patient records
Longspan Shelving
Ideal for stock storage, providing full length shelving suitable for a wide range of products. Quick and simple to install, longspan shelving is a flexible and economic solution for bulk storage
Machine Guard
Safety feature around a piece of manufacturing equipment to shield user from potential hazards
Master Key
Master key – allows access to all locked compartments using the same differ range. Ideal for spot checks and emergency access to a locker compartment. Master Keys are usually held by someone in a managerial / security post
Master Keys
allows access to all locked locker compartments using the same differ range. Ideal for spot checks and emergency access to a locker compartment. Master Keys are usually held by someone in a managerial / security post. We can provide master keys for all locker manufacturers.
Mesh Lockers
Wire mesh lockers provide secure, visible storage with maximum ventilation. Manufactured using 25mm weld mesh as standard in a choice of finishes. We are able to design and manufacture mesh lockers and cages to specific requirement
Mezzanine Floors
A 'secondary floor' added above the ground floor which can be used for additional storage/office space. Often used in high ceilinged buildings to maximise use of space.
Mistral Shelving
Mistral is a range of commercial shelving, simple and easy to install. Ideal for the office/school environment, Mistral is a cost effective system for your storage needs
Mobile Shelving
Sometimes referred to as roller racking, mobile shelving is simply bays of shelving mounted onto a track system that enables the shelving to move - enabling the bays of shelving to open up providing access aisles. Read more: Mobile Shelving
Ministry of Defence. We work across the UK on a number of MOD projects supplying furniture and wire mesh locker units
Lockers are supplied as individual units as standard, however to cut down costs they can be manufactured as nests. Nested lockers share a side wall, thus cutting down cost on steel. Nested units are ideal for long runs of lockers
NHS Supply Chain
NHS Supply Chain manages the procurement of products for more than 1000 NHS trusts and healthcare organisations. MS Storage is an approved supplier for the NHS Supply Chain on two separate framework agreements. FAG 16548 for Office Furniture & Metal Storage AND FAG000016544 for Ward & Residential Furniture
Number Plates
Number Plates are small adhesive backed name plates that can be placed inside the cardholder on a locker door to identify each locker compartment. We are able to provide Number Plates for most types of locker and in any numerical combination.
Office Shelving
Office shelving comes in many formats, ranging from simple cantilever systems to full mobile shelving installations. Office shelving systems can be tailored to meet your exact storage requirements
For warehouse and racking purposes - usually a wooden structure used to load stock onto and transport by means of a forklift truck / jacking device
Pod Lockers
Pod Lockers are ideal when storage space is limited. Allowing 360 degree access by creating a cylindrical shape storage system. Pod Lockers can be placed onto a rotating base to further free up storage space
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
The provision of Personal Protection Equipment is now a requirement for many working environments wherever there is a risk to personnel health and safety (PPE at Work Regulations 1992 Part 5). We offer a range of lockers and cupboards clearly marked up for the storage of PPE items
Probe Lockers
One of our major mild steel locker ranges is the Probe Locker range. The Probe locker is a popular choice for the education / health and business sector. Offering quality and design, the probe range offers a varied choice of locker options at affordable prices.
Quartermaster Shelving
Brand name for Nylon / Stainless Steel Shelving
Radial Pin Locks
Considered to be more resistant to picking. Operated by a user key, the radial pin lock is one of many locking options available on our range of steel lockers
Re-Programmable Combination Lock (REAL)
The 3 digit (REAL) Re-Programmable Combination Lock is a popular lock choice for large locker installations. Offering 1000 lock combinations with resetting button. Detecting Plate (number finding shim) finds forgotten codes and can be purchased separately
Radio Frequency Identification
Roller Racking
A term used for mobile shelving or mobile shelving systems
School Lockers
School lockers come in many formats, the most popular choice coming from our range of mild steel lockers. With a choice of compartments, colours, locking options and door materials we can offer any type of locker to suit your educational establishment
Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association
Shockproof Locker
A range of hard wearing lockers ideal for schools & areas of high use. Mild steel carcass with trespa laminate inset doors
Sloping Top
Sloping Tops – an angled / sloping top to a locker that helps prevent storage of unwanted items and rubbish on top of the locker
Wooden rack or pallet for holding stored goods off the floor
Tiers are the compartments of each locker. Lockers are available in various configurations; every door or compartment is known as a tier e.g. a four tier locker has 4 doors or compartments.
Token Retain Lock
Token retain locks are the same as coin retain locks, they are adapted to take a particular size token which can then be used to operate the lock. Tokens can be purchased separately. The locks only work when a token is placed into the lock, enabling the user to lock the door and remove the key. On return, the user opens the locker door and the token drops into an enclosed chamber where it is retained.
Token Return Lock
Token return locks are the same as coin return locks, they are adapted to take a particular size token which can then be used to operate the lock. Tokens can be purchased separately. The locks only work when a token is placed into the lock, enabling the user to lock the door and remove the key. On return, the user opens the locker door and the token drops into the well where it can be collected and used again
For increased security and durability, Trespa doors can be fitted to lockers. The combination of a solid, homogenous core with a hard surface based on melamine resins gives Trespa Athlon exceptional impact resistance. Trespa is highly resistant to wear, making it ideal for installation where heavy use and frequent cleaning are expected. Trespa Athlon is not adversely affected by moisture and is not susceptible to discoloration, mould or rot. Both the surface and the core are manufactured using specific, thermosetting resins, which make them impervious to moisture. The dimensional stability and workability of Trespa Athlon are comparable to those of hardwood
Uniform Locker
Uniform lockers come in various formats, one of the most popular staff lockers is the uniform locker which provides the user with space for garment hanging and 4 shelves for personal storage.
Visibility Locker
Visibility lockers, sometimes referred to as insight lockers are designed for use in areas where there is a need for a visual inspection of contents without compromising the security of the items stored. Locker doors are clear polycarbonate offering full visibility.
Wire Mesh Lockers
Wire mesh lockers offer durability and visibility. Lockers are manufactured from 25mm square section weld mesh as standard and finished with either Bright Zinc plate or Gold Passivate. Lockers can be manufactured to specific requirement.
X Ray Storage
A shelving system specifically designed to hold x rays
Z Locker
A style of locker with a z shaped door, providing 2 users with storage within a single locker carcass. The Z Locker allows for slimline vertical hanging space with full width shelf storage for personal items, eg wallets
Zinc Plating
A Zinc plated finish available on our range of wire mesh lockers. Zinc plating provides a hard wearing, durable finish to the mesh material.