Major Sports Retailer, Bespoke Stockroom

70% Water Permeable Stock Room Shelving

A world famous sportswear retailer, approached MS Storage to design and supply a stock room shelving system that had a minimum 70% water permeability to for a new stockroom area at their UK headquarters. Due to the flammable nature of the products stored and the potential toxic gases that could be omitted should a fire break out, the clients Insurers insisted the new shelving system must be at least 70% water permeable for it to be installed into the new stock room.

MS Storage set about designing a unique static steel shelving system which went over and above the client’s specification and fully complied with the insurers requirements. Over 1300 bays of static shelving, providing 33,450 individual stock locations was successfully designed and installed over a 3 week period to a strict timetable to meet the opening date of the new facility.

The shelving whilst allowing the 70% permeability had to still retain its strength and flexibility and overall durability. The shelving system can be made in any sizes to suit any stock items or areas and is easily adjustable, available as static shelving or can be supplied on high density mobile bases.

Services Provided

  • Unique Storage system
  • +70% Water Permeable for retail stock rooms
  • Any heights, depth and widths can be provided
  • Fully adjustable, strong and robust
  • Timed delivery and installation
  • Complete Design Consultation
  • Project Management throughout
Water Permeable Shelving Steel Shelving with Mesh Backsheets Stock Management Labelling Trainers on Steel Shelving Stock Room Shelving

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