DPS Tableware – Pallet Racking

New stock and distribution warehouse

MS Storage was invited to design and layout a new warehouse and distribution pallet racking system for DPS Tableware. The project involved providing pallet racking with ancillary safety barriers and column guards to provide the client with a minimum 0f 2,000 pallet spaces or SKU’s.

Following detailed site surveys and consultation with warehouse management and staff, MS Storage provided a design incorporating 6m high pallet racking carefully laid out to provide adequate aisle spacing for the handling equipment and the flow of materials throughout the warehouse space. Once approved MS Storage installed the system over a 2 week period and the £ 100,000 project was delivered on time and on budget to the client’s complete satisfaction

Services Provided

  • 2,000 Pallet Spaces provided
  • 150 bays of 6m high, 2.7 m beam. 3ton UDL rating
  • All necessary H&S additional items
  • Full signage and Safety Notices
  • Complete Design Consultation and Project Management throughout
Pallet Racking Delivery Before Racking Installation Completed Racking Installation Loaded Pallet Racking Completed Pallet Racking Project Pallet Racking Safety Inspection Installed Pallet Racking Pallet Racking Installation Pallet Racking Survey

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