Bristol Wheelchair Store

Bespoke Storage Solution for Bristol NHS

We were asked to improve and expand upon the existing storage facility for the wheelchair and prosthetic departments at the Bristol Centre for Enablement.  We were to provide easy and accessible storage for wheelchairs; ensuring chairs were stored safely and in the most space efficient way possible.

To provide an easier method for storing wheelchair wheels we provided new long span racking and decks in the stores, stock and accessory store areas and re-located existing shelving for re-use is some of these areas also.

We designed a mobile cantilever rack in the repair workshop to store spare wheels on – allowing the wheels to be stored by size and style and making them easy to access and move around the work area.

Services Provided

  • Bespoke Storage for Mobility Scooters & Wheelchairs
  • Bespoke Racks for Wheelchair Wheels
  • Timed delivery and installation
  • Complete Design Consultation and Project Management throughout
Man Lifting Wheelchair on to Racking Hospital Mobility Store Wheelchairs on Shelving Wheelchair Shelving Wheelchair Racking Wheelchair Parts Storage

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