Buyers Guide: Lockers

Choosing The Right Lockers

Here at MS Storage we pride ourselves on product knowledge and customer service. Lockers have been the mainstay of our business for over 30 years, making us the obvious choice to provide you with the ideal storage solution.

Getting it right, first time, every time is the key to customer satisfaction which is why we offer our expertise to help you make the right decision on locker choice, layout and design. We invite you to take a quick look at the following information designed to help you make an informed decision about your locker requirements.

Locker Style

The style of locker you choose will dictate all aspects of your locker changing room. Once you have ascertained how many people require a locker your next decision is how much locker space each person should be allocated, ie the style locker you want in your changing room.

Thought should be given to what is going to be stored in the locker. Do your staff require a change of clothing when they come to work ? If so, they will need appropriate hanging space in which to store their clothes, eg. a single tier or two tier locker with hanging rail or coat hook.

If staff only need to store small items such as handbags, wallets, mobile phones etc then a multi-tiered locker is ideal. Please take a look at our range of tiered lockers to help you decide the ideal locker choice for your staff.

Industry specific lockers such as our range of nurses lockers and police lockers offer further bespoke storage to accommodate user requirements.

Room Layout / Design

When designing a locker changing room, consideration must always be given to site access, location, health and safety laws and overall storage capacity requirement. Having spent over 30 years designing locker room layouts there isn’t much that MS Storage don’t know about creating the ideal changing room space, so why not take advantage of our design expertise in planning your locker changing room ?
Our in-house CAD designers are able to provide you with detailed layouts showing you various options so that you are able to make the right locker choice early on in the process.
Should you wish to discuss locker room layouts in greater detail our sales representatives can arrange to meet you on site to conduct a site survey and discuss all options available.

Seats & Stands

If your locker room or changing area requires bench seating then the locker seat and stand option could be just what you are looking for. By placing the lockers onto a special frame that provides a bench seat in front of the locker you can provide a seating area for the locker user whilst they are getting changed.
The seat and stand option is particularly useful if you have a limited amount of wall space in your changing room. By placing the lockers onto seat and stands you don’t have to find further wall space to put your peg rails / bench seats – thus making maximum use out of the space available to you. For more details on our locker seat & stands please click here

Sloping Tops

To eradicate the practice of people putting unwanted items on top of the lockers we recommend that you order your lockers with sloping tops. Largely used in the food / hygiene industry and common place in many schools, sloping tops are the ideal solution to deter littering and poor housekeeping.

How many users are you looking to accommodate?

Once you have ascertained how many people need a locker compartment you will need to look at your available changing space. Ultimately, budget and room space will be the deciding factors in creating your locker room. Our sales team is on hand to work out the ideal locker layout to suit your exact requirements, paying attention to room design, functionality and user needs.
Choosing the correct locker style to allow maximum storage potential is imperative, MS Storage work with you to ensure that your lockers are being used correctly and that they provide all of your staff with the correct amount of storage space.

Locking options

Apart from selecting the correct locker style for your users, you should also take time to decide what the best locking option will be for the changing room environment. MS Storage offers a range of locking options to accommodate various user needs.
• Coin Operated Locks allow for a flexible user environment, often in a high user space where members of the public come and go throughout the day. The user is required to insert a coin into the lock to enable the key to release from the lock once the locker door is closed. On return to the locker the user will get their coin back if they leave the locker compartment open and free to be used again.
• Key operated Locks are ideal for staff / pupil lockers where the user is directly responsible for their own locker compartment. Locks are manufactured from a mastered series so that additional keys or lost keys are easy to replace.
• Hasp & Staple Locks are simple and easy to use with a padlock fitting. Please contact our sales office for advice on padlock shackle size. Ideal for staff / pupil lockers, where the user is responsible for their own locker compartment.
• Combination Lock either digital or re-programmable the combination lock is ideal for a busy changing area. The combination lock does away with the issue of having to carry a key around with you for your locker.

Locker Stands

If you need to raise lockers off the floor for cleaning purposes or to accommodate heating pipes etc, then we suggest you look at the option of Locker stands.
Locker stands are available in runs single, two, three or four nests to accommodate our wide range of lockers. Ideal for areas that require regular cleaning the stands raise the lockers off the floor to allow cleaning to take place underneath. For more detail on our locker sands please click here