School Lockers

A wide range of Lockers for Schools

Every educational establishment has different requirements, which is why here at MS Storage we are able to offer a varied range of school lockers to suit both budget and storage requirements. With over 30 years trading history with education establishments throughout the UK, we have a wealth of knowledge we’d like to share to provide you with the ideal locker choice. Our range of education lockers includes : steel lockers, laminate lockers, laminate door lockers and laptop lockers to cater for every storage requirement.

Steel Lockers for Schools

MS Storage regularly works with contractors on major PFI schemes to fit out new or refurbished schools and colleges.
Our most popular range of School Lockers
Our range of Steel Lockers provide the most economical solution for installing lockers in your school.
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Full Laminate School Lockers

The Building Schools for Future programme has seen a significant investment into the school environment, which in turn has led to an increase in the demand for high quality education lockers or BSF lockers.
Heavy Duty Laminate School Lockers
Our full Laminate Lockers provide the Ultimate Heavy Duty Lockers which are wear resistant and impervious to inks and chemicals. Read more about laminate lockers

Laminate Door School Lockers

Robust and durable lockers are required in any high user facility such as a school changing room. With this in mind we offer a range of shock proof laminate door lockers which are wear resistant and impervious to inks and chemicals. Please contact our sales office for further assistance as to the best choice of locker for your educational establishment.
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Metal Carcass Laminate Door School Locker

Laptop Lockers

With the use of laptops in schools and businesses ever increasing, so is the demand for secure storage. Our Laptop Lockers have been designed to provide a cost effective, lockable storage solution for laptops and mobile phones.
Low & Medium height Laptop Lockers