Laminate Lockers

Our laminate lockers are available in a wide range of colours and with an easy wipe down surface and a scratch resistant finish, they’re guaranteed to retain their stunning good looks for many years to come. Doors can be fitted with a broad range of security locking features; such a cam locks and keys, coin operated locks, combination locks or a hasp and staple mechanism for use with a padlock.

Full Laminate Locker

Hard wearing, durable and extremely functional. Laminate lockers offer the perfect solution for a wide range of demanding environments. Manufactured from ‘Trespa’ non-porous laminate sheets set within tough anodised aluminium frames, these lockers offer the ultimate storage solution.
Laminate Lockers

Whether you require storage for wet areas, the food industry or educational facilities, you will find laminate lockers offer the perfect specification to suit your needs.

The Benifits of TRESPA Laminate

IMPACT RESISTANT - the combination of a solid, homogenous core with a hard surface based on melamine resins affords Trespa Athlon Laminate doors exceptional impact resistance. This is confirmed by its day-to-day practical use as wall cladding in public rooms and areas susceptible to vandalism, as well as being used as bumper rails in hospital corridors.

SCRATCH RESISTANT - its highly resilient and durable surface structure provide excellent scratch resistance properties. Even in heavy duty use, Trespa Athlon retains its appearance year after year. The laminate panels are highly resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for installations where heavy use and frequent cleaning are expected.

MOISTURE RESISTANT - Trespa Athlon performs excellently in damp and humid environments. Both the surface and the core are manufactured using specific, thermosetting resins, which make them impervious to moisture, discolouration, mould and rot.

AFE FIRE BEHAVIOUR - Trespa Athlon Laminate is heat resistant and meets the requirements of national and international fire classifications for safe fire behaviour. Due to its high density, Trespa Athlon ignites at a relatively high temperature and carbonises in a way similar to hardwood.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS - life cycle analysis and reports by independent third parties confirm that Trespa Laminate products impact the environment less than alternative materials.

Laminate Door Lockers

The ultimate in good looking secure storage. Probe laminate lockers are engineered to last and are constructed with a robust steel carcass and hard wearing laminate doors. Proving to be the most popular choice for secondary schools, these lockers can be fitted with sloping tops to prevent items being stored on top of the lockers.

Laminate Door Lockers

Probe laminate lockers offer a versatile range of locks ensuring a locker that is suited to your environment. This strong hinge with securing plate offers 270º opening allowing easy access while keeping contents extra secure.

Laminate door lockers also feature welded compartment divider incorporates internal door sill for added security. This prevents the locker door from being forced inwards.

Full Laminate Locker Installation

Laminate Door Locker Installation