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Rotary Storage Systems

Our Rotary Storage Systems has been innovatively designed to meet the needs of todays office environments. Offering a higher level of efficiency than traditional filing cabinets, Rotary Storage Systems offer a high density, fast retrieval filing system.

Halve your retrieval times

Rotary Storage Systems can halve your retrieval times as the files rotate, the operator stands still. The system is rigid steel case, flush fit closure and lockable door for maximum security.
Available in a wide range of colours, with accessories to compliment or replace your existing filing systems. Installation is faster and the modular design ensures that the system is 100% relocatable with no
need for extra parts or building works.

Low rotary storage

Axis low incorporates all of the features and benefits of a rotary storage unit. The low level design is ideal for office environments where higher level storage is inappropriate or undesirable.

Wave rotary storage

Wave has been designed as the market leading premium rotary storage unit for organisations that want a dramatic and impactful solution to their storage needs.

Waves design combines all of the great features of the standard Rotary storage unit yet has the added benefit of a curved front which allows for an impactful wave effect to be created.
Wave Rotary Storage