Locker Keys & Replacement Locks

There’s nothing more annoying, time consuming and frustrating than the inconvenience of lost or damaged locker keys. MS Storage can provide a fast, efficient locker key replacement service to solve the problem of lost or damaged locker keys. Most Locker Keys can usually be dispatched within 7-10 days, depending on stock.

Replacement Locker Keys & Master Keys

MS Storage are able to supply replacement/spare Locker Keys to suit all types of lockers - even if you bought them from another supplier. All we need is the number on the face of the lock or the key and the quantity of keys you require.
Replacement Locker Keys can be provided with these numbers

We can also supply Master Keys for effective management of your locker room.

Locker Key Management Systems

Locker keys can be a big problem in schools, hospitals, and other locker rooms and changing areas. All too ofter keys can become lost or damaged. Without an effective key management system, you may find many of your lockers that become unuseable. This can be a big inconvinience for users.

MS Storage can provide bespoke key management systems to suit your organisation and even manage your locker keys for you. Please contact us for more details.

Locker Padlocks

If you've chosen Hasp & Staple Locks for your lockers, we're able to supply a range of padlocks to keep your lokers secure. If you're interested in Padlocks please contact us using our enquiry form.