HTM71 Cabinets

HTM71 Cabinets

To assis procurement teams in making the right choice for ward storage, the Health Technical Memorandum 71 (HTM71) was published by NHS Estates offering guidance on Materials Management Modular Storage within the Healthcare Industry.

Why choose HTM71 ?

A well organised theatre is about everything being in the right place at the right time, ready to go. A disorganised working environment means staff cannot find products; stock becomes outdated, valuable time is spent looking for products and floor space is taken up with unnecessary boxes and cartons.

HTM71 systems ensure that rooms are kept neat & tidy, all items can be clearly labelled and staff can see things at a glance - or more importantly see what is not there. Taking doors off cupboards and being able to see what is being stored and what is in stock is the first step in understanding the problems that come from the poor practice of monitoring consumables within departments.

HTM71 storage units improve efficiency and sustainability by allowing the staff to easily audit the stock available to them. Great savings can be made on out of date & wasted consumables. Reducing the amount of excess stock held and preventing waste of expired items is a major cost saving benefit of this system.

HTM71 Cupboards

HTM71 storage cabinets are ideal for efficient storage of medical consumables. Available as base height or full height cabinets with or without doors these storage units offer the best solution for stock control. Widely used in theatre stores, prep rooms, sterile services departments, A&E and numerous specialist hospital departments where medical consumables are held.

HTM71 Baskets & Trays

HTM71 storage system
HTM71 storage cabinets are designed to take HTM71 storage trays. These polycarbonate trays can be easily sub-divided and clearly labeled for the safe storage of stock. HTM71 trays can be pulled out with a slight tilt to aid the user when looking for stock items.

HTM71 Storage Cabinets

HTM71 Cabinets have various door options. Cabinets can be supplied as open units or be fitted with polycarbonate, laminate or glass doors. HTM71 cupboards can also be fitted with roller shutters.