Lloyd George Storage

Lloyd George Storage

The Lloyd George patient record filling system is commonplace in GP Surgeries throughout the UK. Over the past 30 years, MS Storage have been supplying bespoke shelving and mobile shelving solutions for the storage of these files.

Lloyd George Filling Trays

Designed specifically for the storage of medical record & patient files, our Lloyd George Storage boxes are extremely popular within the Healthcare sector.

Available in 3 styles, Lloyd George boxes privide the ideal storage solution for either static or mobile shelving systems.

Lloyd George Shelving

They are often used with either static shelving or mobile storage systems.

The Lloyd George Boxes we supply are 1.5mm Thick Grey Millboard and the boxes can be finished with a Aluminium Card Holder or Brass Card Holder with a Handle.

The dimensions for each box are 105mm High x 136mm Wide (external) - this is the minimum size the box needs to be to house the Lloyd George envelopes and maximise on available shelf widths. Depths can vary up from 350mm / 370mm / 380mm / 400mm (front to back) including any fitment.

Lloyd George Storage

Lloyd George Mobile Shelving

Lloyd George Storage on Mobile Shelving